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I am a Danish painter. I love to play with colours, and to make large paintings. Please feel free to have a look at this page. You are also welcome to see my gallery on



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I am an autodidact painter. My profession is clothing designer, and I have worked as such for many years. I was born and raised in a very creative family. Throughout my childhood I have been living with art, as my mother was a potter - and still is. All my life I have loved to draw and paint.


I paint on canvas using acrylic colours and love to play with colours and expressions. My style is basicly abstract ranging from non-figurative elements over imaginative themes with a whimsical touch. I also work with naturalistic themes striving at forming a unique amalgamation of figurative and non-figurative elements.


My world is full of colours. And colours are intoxicating. At one and the same time my colours are both strong and dominating, but also dusty and hazy. Colours in any form they may come inspire me to transfer them to a canvas, where also contrasts play a huge role along with naturalistic harmonies.


Inspiration Sources:


- I find inspiration in life itself and the world we live in.

- I find inspiration in the interaction between people and their mutual


- Mother Nature herself is an abundance of inspiration, too, providing me with

magic forms, patterns, light and shadow.



Suzanne Pulkkinen Damgaard.

Born: 1976 in Horsens, Denmark.


I live in an old house in a cosy village with my husband and our two children.

Whenever time allows, I grab my brushes and start painting while the radio plays my favourite music.

I started painting in 1996. I had a busy career as clothing designer, but painting

played an ever growing role in my life.

Painting allows me to feel “creative at large”. To me creativity is an experiment that grows, it allows me to run risks, break the rules, make mistakes and have fun.


You are welcome to follow my art work on TWITTER or FACEBOOK. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by e-mail:




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Suzanne Pulkkinen Damgaard